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Even though no two moves are alike, our plan stays the same. Being prepared and organized before we get there will save us time and money. If you are packing your own things, please put a note on each box telling the unloading side what's inside and where it goes. Please mark the boxes that can only be loaded from the top or are fragile. First, we'll get the house ready by putting a runner on the floor of the entryway, covering the door jam with a moving blanket, and putting a moving blanket on the stairs. We'll start with the boxes and put them on the roof in layers to make the most of the space. Then, we'll put the mattresses in the boxes and tie them down with ratchet straps. The mattresses will keep the boxes from moving. The square furniture and other things will come next. The unloading will look about the same. We can't wait to help you move and put a smile on your face when we're done.

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