Piano Moving Services

Every move presents a different challenge and in this instance Rosmarie and Bernie Dalton of Sonoma, California were in need of top notch piano movers to move a "small" piano. Upon further inspection, the “small” piano turns out to be a “CONCERT GRAND”! Unexpected large sized and or heavy items need to be accommodated and so on.

The challenge in Sonoma was one of access. A small elevator was helpful but time consuming, the stairs included two 90 degree bends, making the exit path difficult. Both elevator and stairs were used simultaneously.

Our four man crew used both access routes at the same time helping to reduce the overall project time, saving money for the Daltons. Rosemarie and Bernie were very pleased with the moving process.

“I can’t say enough good things about Need A Hand Movers. They went above and beyond the line of duty, this was an enormous task. Kudos to Jason, Bob, John and Tim, they all worked so hard and had a smile on their faces as they packed up and delivered all of our belongings…and at a reasonable price. Bob did come back the next day to reassemble the swing so Bernie could enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Those little things that mean so much is what makes Need A Hand Movers a step above the others…Local, small business are the ones we want to support…I am giving cards to my real estate broker so she can give them to her clients…Pass the word around you won’t be sorry.”

~Rosmarie Dalton